The Sale of this T-Shirt is also available to general public as well as Patched Members

​$10.00 each

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The Sale of this Patch is also available to general public as well as Patched Members  $6.00 each


These rings are heavy weight, one of a kind, custom made and sized to personally fit you.  They are ordered and manufactured special for you, as per your own written specifications.  Options are available for Rings to be produced from Gold or Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel, as well as enamel or non enamel backgrounds.   Please contact our Quarter Master for the pricing of your requested Rings



(Friends With One  Friends With All)


Patched Members Only Item

$10.00 each

(Friends With One  Friends With All)


Patched Members Only Item $10.00 each

Item available to the General Public  $1.00 each